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Maybe you have some questions and would like to consult us. These are some of the most common questions that I hope will help you with your doubts. If you have any further questions, please write them down  and submit them to us or contact us directly by email: 13361557740@163.com.

1. Will the college provide assistance in applying for a visa?

Yes, the college will provide assistance. Once the applicant is accepted as an international student, the college will offer the following documents to applicant : Admission Letter , Visa Application for Study in China ( JW202 form) and Notice of Enrollment of International Students. The applicant can apply X visa with these documents and other required documents according to the embassy’s requirement.

2. How is the teachers and equipments of the International Institute of Education?

The college chooses outstanding teachers to teach international students. These teachers are very professional with a lot of experience of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Most teachers have already obtained the International Chinese language teacher qualification certificate. Newly employed teachers graduated with master degrees of TCFL major ( Teaching Chinese as a foreign Language). Our classrooms are equipped with computers, TVs, air conditioners and other equipment. Learning in such an environment is very comfortable. 

3. How to pay tuition fees?

Payment instructions:

Ways to pay: students can transfer tuition and insurance fee to the college account in home countries.

Account name: Weifang Vocational College

Account number: 0707012110017887 

Bank number: 313458007074    

Exchange number: 0172  

Deposit bank: Bank of Weifang, Yangguang Dasha branch

If you pay after arrival at college, please pay by card at the college finance office, or transfer to the college account at the local bank.

4. Can I still work in China after graduation? Will the college help me?

Yes, you can work in China after graduation. College will recommend jobs for excellent graduates.

5. Does the school provide remote instruction?

At present we have no remote class.

6. How will the college help me when I want to pursue further study after graduation?

College will recommend students to universities for further education. Teachers can give some guidance and provide essential documents.

7. How to apply to change majors?

Generically speaking, students who have come to China for academic qualifications at their own expense shall complete their studies in the accepted major.Only in the following circumstances, student can apply for change of their majors:  After admission, if student suffer from a disease which have been diagnosed by designated hospital and the disease prevent him from normal study of original major. For a particular difficulty or reason, the learner can not continue without changing his major.  The specific measures shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Academic Affairs Office of the school.

8. What's the punishment if students don't pay fees?

All the fees have to be paid within 3 days after your arrival at college. Students who fail to pay cannot enroll successfully and need to leave the college within a stated time.

9. I can't go to school this year. Can I delay my entrance?

The Visa Application for Study in China (202 form) and the admission notice are available for a certain period of time. If you can not come to school this year, you will have to re-apply.

10. Can I go to school while working?

According to Chinese law, international students are not allowed to work.