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Language+International Trade Training Students Program

Teaching Targets: Students who are non-native Chinese or overseas Chinese and have a basic Chinese professional or working experience.

Training Goals: Through the implementation of hierarchical Chinese teaching and Chinese sub skills training, students are able to achieve all-round development in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. They can skillfully use Chinese spoken language to communicate, express and communicate without obstacle. The Chinese characters can be correctly written and more accurate and standard Chinese writing can be achieved. They can have a more in-depth understanding of the international trade knowledge and practice and become a real international trade talent.

Curriculum setting:Students participating in the program, will come to college to study Chinese for one year,and study international trade skills training for half a year in foreign trade enterprises. They can learn the practical methods of international trade,the operation methods of Chinese e-commerce,the strategy of global promotion of enterprise products  and so on during the six months. These foreign trade enterprises contain the most popular industries at present. Our students can enter factories in all industries to conduct field product learning and carry out global market trade practical operation after one year college study.

Graduation: At the end of the study, the Chinese language students will receive a certificate of completion issued by Weifang Vocational College and enter any industry of Shandong's foreign trade enterprises and learn foreign trade knowledges.

The following is a  specific classification to the course.

Curriculum setting

Specific courses

Training goals

Knowledge of international trade theory

Foreign trade process

Kown deeply about foreign trade process of Chinese enterprises.

Product promotion

Study industry knowledge and product knowledges.

Business skills

Master product online promotion methods.

Elementary training for promotion of electricity supplier

Practise promotion of business skills

Practical exercises in foreign trade

Product learning

Learn the product knowledge, familiar with the foreign trade process, understand the Chinese market, have the ability to complete the foreign trade independently.

International trade practice

According to the theoretical knowledge of the situation, combined with personal interests, arrange students enter the foreign enterprises to practice, apply the theory to practice,in-depth understanding of international trade.

Strengthening the skills of foreign trade

Electricity supplier promotion skills

In-depth study and master the electricity supplier promotion skills.

Visual merchandising

Attract customers’ eyes with visual impact and achieve marketing purposes

PS skills

Learn how to process pictures and videos

Marketing drainage

Master all kinds of product promotion channels and skills

SNS marketing

Practice phase synchronization, combined with knowledge in enterprise learning, regularly organize a variety of related training, strengthen the training of foreign trade skills, targeted foreign trade knowledge.

Practical operation of e-commerce

SEO ptimization and B2B platform promotion

Learning China's advanced e-commerce knowledge by theoretical courses.

Overseas social media tools

In-depth study each kind of mainstream electronic commerce platform use,through participating in the training enterprise's project.

Operation of overseas B2C platform

Master the development of overseas online market approach actually through participation in enterprise projects.