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Our international students participated in the national vocational skills competition.

Study Abroad in China

Study Abroad in China

Study Abroad in China

On May 6th, 2018, the national vocational and technical college competition for mechanical and electrical integration equipment assembly and commissioning competition was held at Tianjin Electromechanical Vocational College. 

Six countries from the "The Belt and Road along the country's Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Thailand and other foreign student teams participated in the contest of international competitions. Our college's Tajikistan students Anushervon, Faridun, Kyrgyzstan students Ulanbek, Artur participated in the competition, and respectively won the first prize and second prize..

In order to prepare for this competition, the college leaders and relevant departments had given great support to the students to overcome the difficulties of language and other difficulties. No matter during the day, at night or at the weekend, they were trained according to the requirements of the instructor. The College of mechanical and electrical engineering, the College of automotive engineering and the Institute of international education cooperated in the registration and communication, professional skill guidance and language translation in training, and provided good training and competition conditions for the competitors.

This competition has expanded the platform for our students to display themselves and learn and exchange, which has promoted the college's external publicity and influence.

Ulanbek, an international student from Kyrgyzstan, said it was a great honor to take part in the launch ceremony as an international team player during the competition and to stand on the ground in China to discuss skills with other countries.They are very grateful to teachers for a month's pre competition guidance and training. This competition has increased knowledge and skills, and has left a precious memory for studying abroad in China.