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The college held a summary of the general meeting of foreign students


On the morning of May 18th, the 2018 international student commendation conference was held in the lecture hall of Kuiwei campus entrepreneurship center. Zhao Juntang, vice president of the college, attended the recognition ceremony of all teachers and students from the International Institute of education.

Zhao Juntang fully acknowledged the achievements of the foreign students in the college and congratulated the award-winning students. He pointed out that all of us have come to the Weifang Vocational College to study Chinese. We must cherish the opportunity to study, continue to strive for greater progress, enter their ideal universities, and further upgrade their educational level. At the same time, he hoped that every student should abide by the laws and regulations of China and the relevant regulations on the management of international students.

The responsible comrades of the Institute of international education made a comprehensive summary of the work of the students in the 2017-2018 academic year, and encouraged the students to learn and carry out their achievements in the middle school. They praised the students who had successfully passed the HSK4 examination in the past four months who studied Chinese in our institute. They asked foreign students to follow the example of excellent students, strictly discipline themselves, and abide by the regulations of international student management. The representative of outstanding overseas student said that his outstanding achievements were inseparable from the patience and meticulous education and guidance of school teachers. In addition, they are particularly grateful to the school for providing a good platform for learning and showing itself in Chinese. In the future, we will work harder and live up to the expectations of the school.

At the conclusion meeting, the awarding of the civilized dormitory award, the positive performance award and the outstanding student prize winners were presented respectively. This recognition will play an active role in promoting the education, education and management of overseas students and fully mobilizing students' learning enthusiasm.