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Kyrgyzstan international student An Weixiong: referring to studying abroad, Shandong is the first choice.


"I like Shandong very much. The people here are very enthusiastic. I live very comfortably here." Artur used three "very" to express his feelings for Shandong. This is a boy from Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan. Born in 1998, he came to China in October 2016, and now he studies Chinese in the Institute of international education of Weifang Vocational College. His Chinese name is An Weixiong.

"My grandmother's father is Chinese. Chinese traditional festivals such as Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Mid Autumn Festival will be celebrated in our family. An Weixiong introduced his own life. From childhood, An Weixiong likes to chase grandma to hear stories about China. After primary school, Dad's company started trading with China. Dad spent half of his working time travelling in China every year, and then he became the story-telling man.

The first time I felt close to Chinese culture was in Confucius college. An Weixiong said there are two Confucius institutes in Bishkek. Here, Anwei learned the story of Confucius and the story of Confucianism, and knew that Confucius's hometown was in China and in Shandong.

When he first came to China to study, he thought of Shandong.

"I've been studying in Shandong for a year and a half now, and I love it!" Now, Ann Weixiong's Mandarin is very fluent, and he has his own WeChat circle. And he has accustomed to the mobile phone scanning code payment, share bicycles...... He felt more and more like a "Shandong man".

On vacation time, Ann Wei hung likes to go out with his friends. He has been to Ji'nan, Zibo and Weifang, and now he is very fond of Qingdao. He must go to this city this year.