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Overseas Students of Our College Participate in the Theme Activity of "I Take Kites to Visit Weifang"

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Study Abroad in China

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In order to tap the brand value of Weifang International Kite Fair and expand its comprehensive benefits, to create a good atmosphere for the 36th Weifang International Kite Fair and attract more people to participate in the Kite Fair, Weifang International Kite Fair Office organized an activity with the theme of "I take kites to visit Weifang", which was sponsored by Weifang News Network. Overseas students in our institute actively participated in this activity, and they had a strong interest in Weifang's traditional culture and kite culture. This activity also brought a unique cultural experience for overseas students.

On November 11, more than 20 foreign students from our college participated in "I bring kites to Weifang - Approach Changle". Overseas students flew with brightly colored kites in the scenic area of Xianyue Lake and visited the ancient crater. Students visited the famous guitar town, Tang wu, and browsed all kinds of guitars. Then they went into the world of Changle Gemstone City, tasted the exquisite gemstone craftsmanship and fully appreciated the charm of Changle Gemstone. At the end of the trip, the overseas students came to Shouyang Mountain National Forest Park to see the gemstone capital Changle.

On November 17, more than 20 foreign students of our college took part in the kite tour of "Entering Qingzhou". Overseas students visited 5A scenic spots in Qingzhou, including Gongyuan, Shenfu Street, Idol Garden, Fucaimen Castle and Kite Museum. Finally, they went to Yunmen Mountain.

Through these two activities, the overseas students in our college have realized the heavy kite culture, enhanced their understanding of kite culture, made many Chinese friends in the course of the activities, and also enhanced the friendship among international students.