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Weifang Exit and Entry Administration Department Came to guide the work of our College

Study Abroad in China

Study Abroad in China

On the afternoon of November 12, the entry-exit management detachment of Weifang Public Security Bureau came to our college to guide the management of foreign students, focusing on the establishment of a service station for foreign students management in our college for contacts and exchanges. Zhao Juntang, Vice President of the College, received guests at Kuiwen Campus. The leaders of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department and relevant comrades attended the forum.

Zhao Juntang warmly welcomed and sincerely thanked the Department of Entry and Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau for its visit. He introduced the history, characteristics, advantages and major of our college and its achievements in various fields in recent years. The head of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department made a detailed introduction to the basic situation and teaching management of the overseas students'education in our college. Duan Hua fully affirmed the management of international students in our college, and said that he would actively serve our college to do a good job in the management of international students. Zhang Tonglei pointed out that the international student education in our institute has begun to take shape. In order to build the brand of international student education, we must improve the management and quality of education.

We plan to set up a service station for the management of international students in our institute, so as to realize the three-level linkage of Weifang Public Security Bureau, Kuiwen District and Dayu Police Station to cooperate with the school in the management of international students.The two sides exchanged in-depth discussions on the location, location, function and construction plan of the service station, and reached agreement on starting the construction of the service station as soon as possible.

After the symposium, Zhao Juntang accompanied the guests to inspect the preparation of the service station and the teaching and living area for foreign students.