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Application Process

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● Applying eligibility:Applicants should be healthy and abide by the laws and Decrees of Chinese government.Applicants should be non-Chinese nationality and age above 18 years old. The applicants should submit a legal document by his/her legal guardianswho reside in China if under age of 18.

● Applying method and enrollment

1. Contact us to receive《Foreign students application form of Weifang Vocational College》through fax, telephone or email.

2. Fill out《Foreign students application form of Weifang Vocational College》, then send application materials and form to International Exchange and Cooperation Office before the enrolling deadline. At the same time please pay entry fee by telegraphic transfer.

3. After the approval of Weifang Vocational College, materials of admitted students will be delivered to the Education Department and Foreign affair office of Shandong Province to transact 《Visa Application Form for Foreign Students》 (form JW202).

4. After the approval of the Education Department and Foreign Affair Office of Shandong Province, foreign students will take visa application form (JW202) to Chinese embassy in foreign country to apply for student visa.

5. According to the date of Administration Letter, admitted students will punctually enroll in the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Weifang Vocational College. If students do not enroll punctually, they should contact us as early as possible.

● Applicant should submit the following documents

1. Scanned passport,photo page

2. resume (self-introduction, education background, introduction of your family, study purpose,  experience in China)

3. scanned copy of high school or college diploma/certificate

4. Photo of passport version

5. Scanned application form with signature

6. proof of employment with official seal for those who has work experience 

● Material submission method:There are three ways to submit application materials. Please choose one of the following.

1. Send an electronic version (or scanning copy) to .

2. Send the materials to the International Student Affairs Office of Weifang Vocational College.  Address: No. 243, Dongfeng East Street, No. 4, international communication and cooperation office, Weifang Vocational College, Kuiwei, Weifang, 219

3. Bring the materials to the Weifang Vocational College student office directly.

● Admission:  Applicants with satisfactory applications will receive an “Admission Notice” and “Visa Application for International Students and Scholars to China (JW202 Form).” Please apply for an X1 or X2 visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country by using our materials. For further details on the visa approval process, please check with Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country. 

● Registration: Register at the International Students Office during the registration period specified in Admission Notice. 

● Contact us

Add: No.243, Dongfeng East Street, Weifang,Shandong, China,261031 

Tel: +8613361557740