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We are looking forward to your arrival in Weifang!

We wish you a happy life at Weifang Vocational College!

Your application has been approved, and you are about to begin your journey studying in China! We sincerely welcome you to study at Weifang Vocational College! But before you arrive, we will give you our free information and consulting to help you plan before your departure.  Please read the following informations about registration, delivery, tuition and accommodation arrangement carefully, and keep in mind the deadlines for all matters.

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Preparation before departure

1. About accommodation

In order to ensure your safety and convenience, the school recommends that you live in the campus dormitory.  The dormitory is divided into 2 rooms and 4 rooms. Check in When you stay in the dormitory, you need to pay room charge and dormitory deposit 500 yuan.

2.Visa application

Please bring our JW202 form and the admission letter to your Chinese embassy or consulate in your country to apply for a visa. The international student office will confirm your visa when you report. The visa type and requirements as shown in the following table.

Visa type

X1 Visa

X2 Visa

Application Period

A study period of more than 180 days

A study period of less than 180 days

Expiration Date

It will be valid for 30 days from entry to China

From the date of entry, valid to the date marked on the visa page

Immigration times



Can you change or postpone in China?

Weifang Vocational College will help you change it into "residence permit" (multiple entry visa) after you register for registration.

It can’t be converted or postponed in China.

Is it necessary to check in within 24 hours of entry (see the fifth temporary residence registration below)?



Physical examination

(You can see the details following  and result verification)

After you enter the country, you need to have a medical examination before  you can apply for residence permit.


Special tips

Special travel tips -Please enter China  according to the date of your letter of acceptance.If you enter the country in advance, your visa will be overdue before the  College obtains the residence permit for you.

Special travel warning - X2 visa is a single entry visa, that means, you can only enter China with X2 visa once during your study period. If you need to leave China during your study period and go back again, you need to apply for a new visa.

Arrangements After Arriving In China

1. Registration

Please bring the following documents to the office of the International Education College of Weifang Vocational College to report:

● Original passport

Letter of admission

● The “Visa Application for study in China” form

Eight recent bareheaded white colorful 2 inch photos

Registration address:Shandong International Education Institute, Kuiwei campus, Weifang Vocational College(No. 243 Dongfeng East Street, Kuiwei District, Weifang)

2. Physical examination and result confirmation: It takes 3-5 days

Attention:  Applying for residence permit requires a medical report.

● Address:  Weifang Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

                  Weifang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 39 Siping Road, Wei, Weifang

● Time:  Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

● Attention:  Don't eat breakfast

● Please bring: ★ passport

                       ★ photocopy of the passport’s information page

                       ★ 3 white background 2 inch passport photos

                       ★ It takes about 500 yuan

3. Temporary accommodation registration

According to the law of the People's Republic of China on entry and exit, students who stay out of school need to apply for temporary accommodation registration at the local police station within 24 hours. If you change your passport, visa, residence permit or change your address, you need to go to the local police station to renew your residence permit within ten days, otherwise you will be regarded as an illegal resident. (for the students living in the university dormitory, the reception desk can help you sign up.)

4. Insurance

According to the national insurance policy issued by the Ministry of education, all foreign students need to buy health insurance on the day of the report.  The fee is 600 yuan per year or 300 yuan per semester.

5. Adreess and connect informations

Admissions Office Contact Information:



Mrs Liu:+8613361557740

Mrs Wang:+8615610276737 


Address: Shandong International Education Institute, Kuiwei campus, Weifang Vocational College(No. 243 Dongfeng East Street, Kuiwei District, Weifang)

Official website :