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Matters need to be attentive in the study and life of foreign students in China

● Improve anti-theft awareness

1. Shut the door of the dormitory when you sleep.

2. Don't leave your study materials and other valuables in the classroom, library, sports ground and so on.

3. Don't put the mobile phone, wallet and other valuables in the coat pocket, it’s easy to be pickpocketed,also easy to fall lost.

 Raise awareness of fire prevention

1. Don't use electric appliances illegally.

2. Shut off electrical appliances in time when you leave the room.

3. Don't throw away the dying cigarette carelessly.

4. Master the use of fire extinguishers. In case of fire accidents, especially in the early stage of fire, we should keep calm and learn to deal with the primary fire, and use the nearest extinguisher to extinguish it.

5. In case of fire accident, master the method of fire escape. Orderly evacuation, secondary hazards are strictly prohibited.

● Prevention of accidental injury

1. No drunken trouble. Alcohol abuse has become a major cause of disputes among foreign students and causes injury.

2. Swimming without permission is prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to swim in the sea or rivers without permission, and they must swim in the sea where the government opens, allows swimming and has safety guards patrolling.

Traffic Safety

1. Bicycles are light rickshaws, so in principle they travel on non motorized lanes or on marked roads.

2. No drunken riding.

3. When you ride, don't wear headphones and headphones.

4. Parallel prohibition.

5. Don't use your cell phone while riding a bike.

6. Wear a raincoat when you need to ride a bike in rainy days.

7 .It's no use even saying "I don't know" when a police officer finds or punished a traffic violation.

8. In order to ensure the safety of foreign students, our students are forbidden to drive motor vehicles(including motor cycles).

9. If the students usually take the vehicle travel,they must take a regular taxi or bus. Do not take the illegal rental, or traffic accidents caused by damage, due to the black taxi is not registered in the relevant departments, students of the legitimate rights and interests are not fully protected by the law.

Countermeasures after an accident

1. Confirm yourself or the other party's injury situation, if someone seriously injured, call an ambulance (telephone number: 120). Rescue wounding, protect the scene,  call 110, 122 and other telephone calls promptly.

2. Confirm the name, address and liaison office of the accident party.

3. If you have insurance, contact the insurance company.

4. If you are injured, even if it is not very serious, you must go to the hospital for examination later, because some of the consequences of the injury will take time to attack.

5. Please contact the school teachers as soon as possible. Because of the difficulties in language communication, misunderstandings are more likely to occur. Therefore, the teacher's intervention is an important measure to ensure the safety of international students.