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College accommodation requirements

In order to enable students to have a good life and learning environment, the following management regulations are now specified for the students apartment. Please consciously abide by the rules, and violators will be dealt with severely.

1. Apartment for students is a designated place for students studying in our college.

2. Apartment check-in process: International students should report to the Institute of international education registration procedures, and then go to the apartment management office for accommodation procedures, pay the room charge and deposit, then go to the room to check all kinds of articles. Please sign the room key before you check in. If you have any questions, please contact the administrator immediately.

3. Obey the arrangement of the apartment keeper, and do not make trouble for the manager. Living in a designated room, the rooms are not allowed to secretly transfer, sublet, exchange or stay overnight. It’s not allowed to use the dormitory in violation of laws and rules of the school activities China.

4. The apartment breaks for 12:00-14:00 p.m., 23:00- p.m. 7:00. a.m. Keep the dormitory quiet and not engage in activities that interfere with or interfere with other people's learning and rest in the dormitory, such as dancing, loud noise and loud stereo.

5. Entrance guard management for foreign students' apartment, all students need to use the campus card to enter. No climbing or jumping, once found, the first time we will give a verbal warning,  and the second times at the disciplinary probation. If the adverse consequences are caused, the responsibility shall be borne by the perpetrators themselves, and the public security organs shall be investigated for their criminal responsibilities.

6.Keep inside and outside of the apartment clean and prohibit throwing all kinds of discarded objects out of the window and downstairs. Students are not allowed to keep all kinds of poultry, livestock and other animals.

7. No damaging, demolition, modification of apartment equipment. If furnitures, household appliances and other items are damaged by themselves, students should take the initiative to repairing the property duty room.

8Pay attention to electricity safety,and save electricity consumptionIt is strictly forbidden to mess with any wires or tamper with the distribution box and fire fighting equipment. Be strictly on guard against fire disaster. Prohibit the storage of flammable and explosive items in the apartment.

9. Smoking, cigars, hookah and so on are prohibited in the student apartment.  If the fire alarm facilities caused by smoking, the students will be confiscated from tools, and cancel the qualification and accommodation, probation or more punishment.